Mama Kullay







In the productive line to make an exportable offer of excellent quality, in the managing of textile craft, with attractive plus-worth of handmade product. A feedback is generated among the company and the artisans who find a way to express their art and ancestral knowledge, a way to revalue its life's attitude, when becoming serious providers and bosses of their homes. The main part of artisans that belong to Mama Kullay, comes from different Perú's andean and amazonic regions, whose pushed by the lack of opportunities and with many dreams of progress, they came to Lima settling in its surrounding quarters. Nowadays they are building, as selfmade women a destinity. Another part of women are still in their towns, practicing with perseverance the traditions and the popular art, next to their children, with the same dreams of having a worthy and prosperous life.

“.. We preserve the textile memory of our ancestors, so admired in the whole world, and although we are modernized and we personalize the designs, we never lose the essential nexus with our roots. Each one of our knitted garments takes a little part of ourselves.”

“... When we are knitting, sewing, embroiding, or painting, we are using what our parents and grandparents teached us; and the experience acquired during these years. We give our time. When we make it, with rigorous thoroughness and neatness, we give quality and all our energy...”
are the permanent comments of artisans.

TMK, in alliance with its customers, focuses its attention in the design processes; it proposes, it guides and it organizes the production of the garments until final aboard. TMK is also involved in the generation of new business opportunities, attending and participating in commercial missions, wholesale wheels and fairs of commercial prospectings, that allows TMK to have presence in the demanding international markets.