Mama Kullay







Mama Kullay expresses in its more integral sense, maternal love, and because of this fact, to women. Kullay (quechua word) means LOVE but it's also affection, protection, heat... the origin and the universe!

From her inner world, in the more simple, but rich way, woman provides life, takes care off, she feeds, she enjoys an also suffers... but especially, in any circumstances, she BUILDS the way. She is the home's author, the CREATIVE WOMAN that in their necessity to express, at the end, is protecting to other... and she makes it with their hands, with all their heart ...through their magic designs, colors, forms and textures that have been rising during millennia, from our grandmothers' hands an hearts.

This is the principle and the reason of being, of MAMA KULLAY handmade weaves' atelier (MAMA KULLAY PERÚ -TMK). To develop, handmade fundamentally, designs and collections of garments, accessories and home's articles, using techniques as old as contemporary, and also natural and biodegradable colored fibers from Perú.